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We are committed to providing you with expert service so that your instrument plays beautifully.

Three Components

There are three components of musical performance that require periodic adjustments: pitch, tone, and touch.


New and newly rebuilt pianos need to be tuned three or four times in the first year, as this helps stabilize the pitch. Scheduling frequent piano tuning services ensures a more stable tuning in the future. After the first year, have us tune it twice a year to maintain the standard pitch level of A-440.


All pianos become more brilliant with use and eventually sound harsh and less pleasant. A piano tone adjustment (voicing) gives more brilliance or mellowness to individual notes or entire sections of the piano.

The process of piano tone adjustments is separate from tuning, as it involves controlling the condition of the hammer felts. As a piano is played, the condition of the hammer felts change. Tone adjustments are based on individual preference, and should be discussed with your technician prior to effecting any overall change.

Action Regulation

The touch of your piano, how each key feels when it is played, determines the amount of control you have over the instrument. Regularly played pianos, whether in the home, studio, or on the concert stage, can become uneven and less responsive.

The piano action contains about 8,000 parts that are primarily made of wood and felt. As felt compresses over a period of time, the evenness of touch will change, meaning most of the components need adjustments to tolerances of a few thousandths of an inch.

For normal home playing, we recommend making adjustments to action regulation every two to three years.
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Additional Piano Services

  • Repairs - Includes replacing broken parts & strings, as well as making routine adjustments
  • Case & Bench Repairs - Repairs to hinges, legs, & structure
  • Refinishing & Touchups - Recommending a professional referral
  • Restorations - Rebuilding and/or reconditioning the piano to make an older model play like new
  • Cleaning - Eliminates dust, dirt, & stains from the piano's action, soundboard, & case
  • Brokering - Selling your instrument through our system of contacts & referrals
  • Appraisals - Determining the current market value of your piano
  • Evaluations - Determining repair needs & related costs
  • Regulation - Adjusting touch of moving parts to factory specifications
Piano Contact Us — Keller Piano Services  in Philadelphia, PA
Restored by Keller Piano Service
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