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Piano Maintenance - Philadelphia Suburbs

A piano is an investment. Follow piano maintenance tips from Keller Piano Service, to keep your investment top condition.

Properly Positioned

Don't let extreme weather conditions or humidity prevent you from having a piano that works for a lifetime. Instead, position the instrument away from windows, outside doors, heating and air conditioning vents, fireplaces or wood burning stoves, and other sources of extreme or sudden humidity or temperature changes. Try to maintain the relative humidity in a range of 35–50%.

Use a central air conditioning unit during the humid summer months and add a humidifier to your central heating system to reduce the extremes of high and low humidity. This piano maintenance step also improves tuning, touch, and tonal stability.

Room humidifiers and dehumidifiers are a perfect solution for piano maintenance when you don't have access to a central unit.
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The Perfect System

The Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control System is specially designed to be mounted inside an upright piano or under the soundboard of a grand piano. Most piano manufacturers recommend this top-of-the-line system as the best way to control the problems associated with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Keller Piano Service is a certified installer for these systems.

Avoiding Exposure

Another essential step to proper piano maintenance is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as this will bleach the finish and cause the veneer to crack. The surface of the piano's case should never be hot to touch.

Cleaning Your Piano

Piano finishes are famous for their quality, and are equal to or better than those of other fine furniture. Cleaning your instrument should be a part of your piano maintenance regime, and should include the following steps:
  1. Lightly dampen a piece of clean cheesecloth with plain water & wipe away dust & fingerprints (always wipe in the direction of the grain)
  2. Follow with a soft dry cloth to remove any moisture from the finish
  3. Waxing eventually results in an unattractive buildup that needs professional removal, so it's not recommended
  4. Avoid using sprays & polishes that aren't specifically recommended by the manufacturer, as some may have a devastating effect on the interior of the piano
  5. Clean the keys (both black & white) with a lightly damped cloth & avoid getting moisture on the sides of the keys
  6. Use a mild dishwashing detergent & water to remove stubborn buildup or stains
  7. Interior cleaning & retrieving fallen objects should only be attempted by a professional technician to ensure no damage or misalignment of small parts
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